Digital Memories: A box full of magic!

I remember many years ago working for a company called Supply Technology Limited and attending a computer show at the NEC in Birmingham. It was a pretty impressive affair too, with all the big tech names there, as we displayed our up and coming clone PCs from Singapore to the world.

Shortly before the show was due to open, a gentleman approached our stand, he asked if anyone knew about a presentation software called GRASP by Paul Mace Software. As it happens, I did, it is what we used in our own demos and so I offered to assist as their demo wasn’t running.

I was led over to none other than the Autodesk stand. A mighty giant in the 3D design industry and perhaps best known for AutoCad at the time. I got to work and fixed the problem before the show officially opened to the public. They thanked me and I returned to our stand.

As we were packing up for the day, a box was delivered with a simple note saying ‘Thank you for your help!’ addressed to me. Inside it was the brand new Autodesk 3D Studio package which had just been released. It was a gift which lit an imagination up and I cannot tell you how many hours I spent setting up scenes and rendering them, always amazed even back then at what could be achieved. At the next show, we ran a 3D simulation in our demo and wowed visitors to the stand.

Autodesk continues to impress, offering gratis licences and free tools for small startups or hobbyists to allow them access to some of the most powerful 3D design tools available. This is one giant who remembers the value of the little things. Long may they continue.