Out of the shadows

CylonRED started as a alias, an anonymity if you like, under which I could do graphics, artwork and photography. Much like many other names I went by on different projects through the years, who I am was never really important. It allowed me to help others, from struggling small businesses to charitable organisations and events, I didn’t need my name in lights or an ego to get in the way of providing a little help to those who needed it.

I never had much in the way of top of the line gear to create things (still don’t, so Intel or AMD if you want a tester for your latest rigs please feel free to contact me 😉 ) I think I’ve made the most of what I do have though, often pushing the limits of processing power with some tweaks on my humble rig, creating stuff I never thought it would be capable of. Necessity, as they say, is the mother of all invention.

Sometimes the tools we use make all the difference, and I’ll be introducing some of those tools and resources as the site grows, to help others to produce some impressive work on a budget and follow their passion for creativity.

My main background is in the IT Industry and I have been fortunate enough to work for some high profile companies including Maplin Electronics, Allied Worldwide, Sony, Birds Eye Wall’s, BT and House of Fraser to name but a few. From computer engineering to administration, management, sales and technical support I am comfortable in many roles. I’ve always got on well with others, eager to learn from their knowledge and life experiences. I’ve had the true honour of working with some of the most amazing people.

On that note, I’d like to thank those that urged me to bring CylonRED out of the shadows of imagination. Your friendship and unwavering support really is truly appreciated.

I hope this site brings something of interest for everyone, whether as a resource, something learned or just someone happy to find an interest in my creations.

We have one life here, be kind, listen and appreciate, learn a little every day and enjoy yourself.

Thank you very much for stopping by.

Bob Drake
CylonRED Designer