Creatively Content

Digital artwork is for me, an outlet for creativity. A place where I can retreat and let the pixels talk the language of my imagination. I’ve always had a connection with digital visualisation, even before computers could produce the jaw-dropping visuals in today’s games and movie special effects. It was a fascination that would lead me down many paths, developing new techniques and pushing the limits of my knowledge further to achieve a particular goal.

With new knowledge came exploration of spaces such as 3D and animation. There are so many tools to create out there that it can be a mind-boggling choice to settle down with just a few and I often find myself meandering into new and uncharted territory with experimentation in different techniques.

Some artists have a ‘style’ they like to stick with, but I like to be varied in the things I create. For many years I was completely anonymous. I could sit in a cafe with my artwork or photography on the wall, having a coffee and listening to what people thought, without them knowing I was the creator. It is certainly a way to get honest feedback and figure out what people find interesting.

I really enjoy what I do, and if someone likes it, that’s great! If they don’t, it’s ok too – artwork is subjective and personal to the viewer. Not everyone is going to like what you do.

One thing I have learned is not to be dissuaded from following a passion. Break the rules in design and see what happens, forget the expectations that you MUST use certain tools or follow a particular style. When it comes to being creative, try anything and use everything until you find something you are happy doing. There are no proper ways to do things other than those you feel comfortable and confident with.

Why Digital Art?

The attraction for me in digital art is the sheer expanse of methods available to achieve the desired end result. As a digital artist you are not restricted to one method or another. Like the internet itself, expression takes virtually whatever form you deem it to be. From sublime watercolour style landscapes and portraits to sharp conceptual sci-fi vehicles. The only REAL rules in digital art are the ones you choose to be bound by.

“The only limit is your imagination!” I hear people often say. Well actually if I could do half the stuff my mind visualises, I’d be in Hollywood working for a special effects company or travelling to the outer reaches of space or …. well I’m sure you get my drift. The fact is our imaginations can have limits, mainly in the availability of tools or techniques used to express the images conjured up so easily in the mind’s eye and the time taken to learn them.

That said, I have seen some incredible changes in the way we interact with the world, the data we convert into visual information, the advances in technology to enable expression and most of all, the enjoyment of the digital world as creative outlet. Try it – you may just find you like it. Break your own expectations and re-build them in an ever changing world of digital wonders.

The Artwork Gallery

Below you’ll find a collection of some of my artwork. You can also find me on Flickr by clicking here