Computer Clinic Project

The Computer Clinic is a retail computer store based in Ramsgate, Kent. They supply everything from complete systems and laptops to spares, repairs and upgrades.

An opportunity arose to help out in a re-branding for them and bring their presence bang up to date with a new logo design and some advertising and customisation to go along with it. A planned revision to the store front is in progress and the A-Board sign is already complete. Built from the ground up in Affinity Designer to match the custom dimensions of the board, the design was sent to the printers and produced on a high quality vinyl to the specifications required.

The shop window is due to feature a large monitor displaying a rolling demo and highlighting various products and services, as well as potentially providing advertising space for other local businesses to be highlighted.

This introduces a dynamic aspect to an otherwise static shopfront and creates interest even during closed hours. The video below is just one example of how this digital space can be used.

Logo Design

The logo design for Computer Clinic was designed in vector using Affinity Designer. Vector design gives the ability to scale the logo for different applications without visually compromising its quality. It also enables the logo to be made of component parts which can be interchanged and re-purposed at will.

To give you an idea of how the logo is constructed for the fan image, take a look at the picture below.

As you can see, the components which make up the logo above can be re-used to create the one below. This comes in really useful when icons and brand logos need to be made for social media sites like Facebook. It is important to note that thought should go into this at the design stage, as some logos do not lend themselves to adaptation if the design used is not flexible.

Brand recognition

The business card can be a strong link into a brand, but the same icon and logo doesn’t necessarily have to appear. Just a few key parts can be used and the customer will make the link when they see other parts of the business such as shop signs, website, flyers etc..

Good design can lead to a very dynamic use and reuse of component parts to great effect whether in static media or indeed digital presentations, giving the customer of such a business a strong link to identity and helping a business to become a trusted and memorable brand.

If you’re thinking about a design or indeed hiring a designer, make sure you have some idea not just where your logo or branding may be used now, but where it may be used in the future and how adaptable it needs to be for today’s rapidly evolving advertising platforms.