Elite Hockey Project

The initial brief for Elite Hockey was to alter their logo and text so that it scaled correctly and in addition to make some subtle changes to the appearance adding detail for larger images. As you can see from the extracted workflow image below, the image in vector is made up of nodes and paths (don’t worry too much about this, there’s a link below which explains more) and that gives particular advantages when scaling.

To give a simple example, the following image shows a crop of the main character in the Elite Hockey logo scaled up from their original vector and raster files by just 400%. See the difference?

The raster based logo to the right has pixelated, due to a lack of data on what to do when the image resizes, so raster based software will look to fill in the surrounding pixels as it becomes larger. The result is rarely pretty and loses considerable detail the more it is scaled up. Conversely, the problem is not so apparent when reducing raster images, but it still is a factor.

Some more information can be found about Raster and Vector formats by clicking here at Affinity Spotlight. There are some nice examples of vector vs raster and more detailed information about the formats on Vector-Conversion.com which you can find here (links open in new tab just close to return)

Click on the logo to visit Elite Hockey Ltd (opens in a new tab)

The Promo Video

Whilst working on Elite Hockey’s logo, I was also designing some liveries for the Gran Turismo Sport Cars on the Sony PS4. I created a livery using the basis of the Elite Hockey to work from, and then made a few more. Before you know it, there was a video, then it became a collection of videos, and images, and led to the promo video below for the Elite Livery Series collection which you can download for free exclusively on GT Sport for the PS4. Just search in the livery section for ‘elitehockey’ or alternatively ‘cylonred’ and you should find it 😉

The Graphics

The promo graphics are used in both stills and in the video above. They were initially files exported from the PS4 console, then manipulated with overlays, image adjustments and enhancements and compressed back into various formats for display. These could also be used as wallpapers for desktop PCs. Sometimes a freebie with a bit of thought behind it, is a great way not only to give something back to your fans, but doesn’t hurt in the promotion stakes either. As they say…. everyone loves a freebie!