Build a better logo

Logo Design is subjective, very subjective, in fact incredibly subjective. Some people love them, some people despise them. One thing is for sure, if you have a brand and you do not have a logo or identifier – you’re going nowhere fast.

I have been involved with many projects on logos, building from scratch to re-design and modernisation. These have included work for personal branding and commercial organisations as well as charities and local community projects.

Getting a logo right is a combination of many skills including design style, colour theory, typography, print profile matching and much more besides. It is an ever evolving art.

As an example, my own CylonRED logo was the first ‘official’ brand of iconography that represented me properly. For a considerable time I was happy to be in the background watching the work I created under various monikers of anonymity. When people asked what I did and where they could see it, the obvious started to become a reality and I, the very person who created stuff for others, would need something for myself.


The identity for CylonRED was going to have to be something that stood out, but wasn’t so specific in my case that it would limit what it could be used for. I don’t just do graphics, so it would have to be more of a brand for the name than a representation of a product or service.

After designing the unique text logo, the next step was to design an icon style logo that could stand alone, be adaptable, scalable and still represent the branding that the text did so well by simply spelling out the name.

The logo above became a final choice after a number of iterations. The first letter of the text featured heavily providing a link to the main brand logo and the hidden identity within it was the word ‘RED’ represented by visual morse code.

Ultimately a good logo can represent your product, identity or brand across an entire range of media. It is therefore important to either research and put into practice the skills needed to design your own, or find someone to work with who provides a bespoke service tailored to making your identity unique.

My advice is not to settle for an off the shelf design when you need something to represent you. There are a huge amount of services on the internet who provide this, all for what appears to be very little in the way of financial cost too. Be aware though, the chances are if you are purchasing pre-made designs, someone else will have done the same. The chances are that your ‘custom design delivered super fast’ is from a well of templates from which others also drink heartily.

Invest some time in thinking about how you want to be seen and where your product or service will benefit from something unique in terms of a brand identity.

The Logo & Design Gallery

Below you’ll find some of my logos and other designs which have been used from personal spaces to corporate identities and even merchandising. You can also access my flickr gallery by clicking here